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Most people usually ask the differences between System software, Malware system, Operating system, and Application software.  System software is a program that links the user and the computer system. The system software provides the link between the user and the data processor by acting as the operating system to process information. The system software includes networking software, database, and middleware. I have seen and read from multiple resources that malware system can be referred as Utility software because the main function of the software is to ensure the system is free of virus.

Operating system is closely related to the system software and act as the interface to process the information inputted by the user. Operating system is very important while running a computer because the system can manage, create interface, implement, and support application software. Examples include IOS, Chrome OS, and Windows program. Application software is used to enhance communication, design, and ease of accessibility of information, while showcasing originality and unique innovations. I will take the Microsoft Office as a case study. Microsoft office is an application program that comprises the Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint. These are applications that the software programs use to get the job. The system software provides the interface while the application software performs the task. Application software yields flexibility and ease of solution to complex problems.

Anyone can use the office program since you don’t have to be fluent in programming and drawing complex graph to use Microsoft office; you can easily understand the program and use it to solve challenging task and gather all your information together in one application software. Most of the application software are free of charge so you don’t have to pay monthly subscription to use or download them. Some of the programs include the Microsoft programs and the internet browsers.

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